I’m Certainly Organised!

A very much deserved Thank you to all you have done Emma. I didn’t think you would have got through what you did in the time you allocated. I must say my ground floor and third floor feel free. Think a start on the attick would be good, even though I kept saying ‘I’ll do it by myself’, I’ve never seen anyone as motivated and focussed as you (as long as you have a brew). See you soon.

Richard Haigh

Thankful Dad!

Being a single father of 3 boys isn’t easy especially when all you want to do is do right by your children. I believe in time with your children is more important than a tidy home however, my motto created chaos and it became unmanageable. Need an Organiser have helped me refocus on structure and systems. We can now find the cricket ball and my children are learning house chores and enjoy it. Emma didn’t just help declutter she helped me to feel worthy. 48 years old and I now feel in control of my home, my family. Highly recommend.

Mark Sampson
Single Father of 3 boys

I can finally see the wood through the trees

Over the years I have hordered information.
I knew this would come in handy as I am now self employed.
The company has helped organise my, office, my clothing structure as well as discussions to improve my room’s environment throughout my house making it a home.
Adding the four elements earth, wind, air and fire which in turn has helped me work more efficently in a systemmatical way.

This has brought me to equilibrium and a good work life balance.
The passion and knowledge shown is contagious.
Thanks again.

Steve smith
MTH Coaching / Premier Academy football coach

Emma’s service didn’t just give

Emma’s service didn’t just give my room a new lease of life, it gave me one too. I went from hating stepping foot in my bedroom to loving the fact I can now call it a sanctuary. Getting rid of things after so long can be quite an emotional journey but Emma’s support made it a lot easier. Thank you Emma, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while!

Becca Kirk

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