General Declutter

Do you have too much ‘stuff’?

Can’t find what you need?

Do you enjoy the things you have ?

Many clients don’t know where to start and find the process of decluttering stressful, which is why having a professional can make it much easier. Let us help you take positive steps with getting your home or office decluttered and organised. This will enable you to feel like you’re in control giving you more time to relax or work in your space more effectively.

Decluttering is about removing items you no longer need, how much is up to you. Our job is to support you with making the decision on what you wish to keep and what no longer serves a purpose to you. We can declutter absolutely anything from your living space to kitchen cupboards, lofts, sheds, clothes. Once we have decluttered your area we will then organise it in a way which suits you. We can organise how best to store your things or organise them in a way more accessible to you.

Some clients feel like once they’ve decluttered their space they want to decorate or style it giving it a new look. If you feel that you would like further support with creating your space we can help. Please look at the service we provide in our styling/staging section.