Emma is renowned for her love of organisation and style. She has always been the first point of call with the people she knows to help them find structure and peace in their lives. A regular saying that has become more and more common is 'we need Emma'. From arranging kitchen drawers, to planning business trips, to even styling you for that ‘special’ occasion,  Emma is called on for it all. 

Emma believes that it’s not about living a clinical life but one that you can breath in!

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Advice for Hoarders

A home that is cluttered is different from a home that is being used to hoard things. If you feel that you need support around hoarding please see This website provides information, support and advice on this secretive condition. It is a non-judgemental site which provides tools and forums for hoarders and their loved one.



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Emma Louise Jackson C.H.S.S.P.

Certified Home Staging and Property Styling Professional